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13 April 2013 @ 9pm


Lars Magnar Enoksen needs a better pair of glasses: cryptorunes, bindrunes and the Kylver rune stone

Feast your eyes on this, the Kylver rune stone: Look closer. Closer. The Kylver rune stone is the earliest known carving of the Elder Futhark rune row in sequential order, which is followed by a tree-like symbol.  (There’s also to the right side, a palindrome S U E U S –probably related, due to its proximity, […]

Killing Baphomet

Perhaps this post has been done to death on a thousand other blogs (certainly I’m not trailblazing here), but I was re-reminded of it again this week through a variety of channels. Essentially, “Where have all the leaders gone?” Into the dustbin of irrelevance, my friends, and don’t just sit there and complain about it, […]