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Plant wights have always been important to me, but were eclipsed by Animals until I moved to Ireland. Here, I haven’t any new Animals but I am mobbed by┬áPlants: Dock, Plantain, Meadowsweet, Elder, Hawthorn, Apple, Rowan, so many others and — most importantly for this post — Blackthorn, the Mother of the Woods. I like […]

A is for APPLE

I admit I’ve been dragging my heels on writing this entry. I was going to write about aggression but this post said most of what I was going to inarticulately complain about and I also realized that ‘Does heathenry overemphasize or overvalue aggression?’ is a good contender for the list I have been slowly collating […]

Holy Supper, Longest Night, the Lungo Drom

Honestly, I should have written this post more than two weeks ago; I officially signed up for Ms. Dirty’s Sviata Vechera challenge mostly as motivation and excuse for having a full-blown party for Yule. Instead, I ended up sailing through more than a week of party and skidded into January in need of a vacation. […]

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