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The SCA and I have a weird history. I accidentally stumbled across it online as a young teenager, misreading it as the Society for Creative Acronyms. First I was slightly disappointed, then I was intrigued, then I played in it irregularly for the better part of 10 years (largely thanks to my mother). The SCA (and […]

Sviata Vechera, the (un)quiet dead

I was planning a dead feast for Samhain (not a dumb feast, my deads would never shut up that long), but it never happened. I’m not even sure exactly why; some combination of bad timing, low enthusiasm, the tide passing. On the night of Samhain, we’d gone to a ceremony at the Hill of Ward […]

American gods

I am slightly sheepish to admit how long it took me to realize that Columbia is supposed to be the goddess of America in a traditional and long-standing way and not a fresh and new way.  Plenty has been written on Her in just the last week, so that I think the conventional understanding is […]

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